Reclaim the future
Reclaim the future – Nomadic carnivals for change

Carnivals are the celebration of diversity as well as a space where you can escape reality for a while and build your own narrative. This is creative carthasis and metamorphosis in a simple context.
Everyone can be in.

5 countries will create 6 carnivals over Europe
Carnival brings people to come together
Carnival is a common ground for blended seeds to grow
Carnival is a space for voicing your dream
Carnival brings the past to the present
Carnival is a door to a shared future
Reclaim the future is a 2-year European project. In the five cooperating countries, artists and pedagogues will create carnival on the theme of the future together with local inhabitants. What do we want for change? What do we want for our future?

What is future for you?
What do you want to bring to the future?
What do we forget to bring?
What do you want to leave behind?
These are some of the questions we will ask the citizens to see what kind of future we want.

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