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RURAL NATIONS, Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, SCOTLAND - UK

Teatermaskinen is an independent theatre company located in the forests of Riddarhyttan(a former mining village with 440 inhabitants), in the region of Västmanland and in th heartland of Bergslagen. We have been based here since the start in 1997. Teatermaskinen is also a co-operation of independent free-lancers which is working for artistic development and employability of its members. Since 2000, Teatermaskinen is also an international work and meeting space where arts and culture centres creative processes in the relations to civil society, research, private and public sectors.
In 2004, we started a project with German architect Axel Tangerding, to build a workspace for the performing arts. Through a broad support of funders, local companies and volunteers, we are since December 2011, holders of a semipublic space measuring 1300 m2 for production and programming. It is a space which provides us with the opprotunities to finally be able to develop all the local, regional, national and international collaborations we have built through the years to their full potentials. Our space is an international workspace. We are ongoingly making symposiums, performing arts assemblages, residencies, festivals and workshops. We are also initiator of projects on Nordic, Baltic, European and International levels. Each year we weclome artists from around 20 countries and participants mounting up to around 3000. As a consequence of our international work, we have developed The Culture Reservation as an international extension of our activities. Teatermaskinen has worked with popular education since the start in 1997. We are now developing a school for young people at social risk and for young and experienced artists. We live and work in Riddarhyttan and since 2007 we run Projekt Riddarhyttan as an active part of the transformation of the village from an industrial centre to a cultural metropolis.

RURAL NATIONS, Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, SCOTLAND – UK
Rural Nations Scotland CIC is a multi platform organisation which operates both to produce film and contemporary performance and also to promote arts activities in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The company's activities provide benefit to two linked communities. Firstly,audiences and potential audience members for theatre, film and digital media productions living in rural Scotland and particularly the Outer Hebrides. Secondly to individuals, organisations and businesses active in the cultural, artistic and creative communities in rural Scotland and beyond, with a specific, although not exclusive aim to benefit actors, dancers, writers, musicians, film makers, theatrical and cinema directors, producers, technicians, designers, promoters and allied trades to enable growth in creative activity and audience development in rural areas. These benefits are delivered with the aim to achieve growth in overall economic value of the creative industries in rural areas of the North of Scotland.

Non-governmental theatre Dirty Deal Teatro was established in 2007. In recent years Dirty Deal Teatro has experienced rapid growth and has become the leading non-governmental theatre in Latvia. Dirty Deal Teatro is known as an open platform for young theatre professionals – directors, set designers, choreographers - where they make contemporary works of stage art. Spectators in Dirty Deal Teatro can be the first ones to discover the future of Latvian theatre and experience different performances than in repertory theatres in Latvia.
Dirty Deal Teatro aims are: - to develop in and outside of Latvia new dramaturgy and make it accessible for audience and theatre professionals; - to be an open platform for young theatre and dance performers; - to encourage research for new theatre forms and content;
- to make contemporary theatre available in Latvia;
- to reach young audience;
- to cooperate with other non-governmental theatres and theatre groups in Latvia, and governmental theatres

Visões Úteis (Porto, 1994) has been creating and producing content for theatre and performance, both for conventional venues and for public spaces in Portugal, Italy, Spain and France, with its work being recognized as challenging and innovative. Here, the aesthetic project has been growing along with a very strong ethical commitment. This has been in constant reflexion on the contemporary sense of making art, which is decisive in providing our daily working options, and gives us an accurate sense of our political and social
responsibility towards the community we live in.
Visões Úteis is supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and works in partnerships with Portuguese National and City Theatres, and also with small scale organizations and communities including, youths, adults, senior citizens, inmates, and children dealing with Aspergers Syndrome. Here the processes of contemporary performing arts are used as tools for the autonomy of those who live in peripheral contexts.

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