What's about

The true story of an ordinary woman from northern France, who, after having conscientiously raised her family realises, at the age of 45, that the planet is not limited by the borders of Nord Pas-de-Calais. So, she takes to the road, just like that, and spends the next 15 years cycling around 150 000 Km;

From Dunkirk to The North Cape, Norway, from Montréal to Vancouver, from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, from Mexico to Fairbanks, she then crosses Europe, Australia, Tasmania, Japan etc... (She’s at the moment riding in Asia). The search for emancipation, for the wisdom or knowledge that comes from pushing our limits; this is the story told by this woman who abandonned her rôle of housewife and discovered instead the « dangerous » path of equality and freedom. This woman exists, she's called Chantal Valéra and this show was put together directly from the extraordinary notes she kept while on the road.

Brigitte Mounier.

Road Movie definition

Who were most likely to be on the road? The strong or the weak? The road is the great leveller. Hit the road and find 'liberation'.

The road, it seems, is always a dead end, but the road is the passage to which a new beginning is possible, free from the bonds of the past, that could gave her the breath of fresh air she needed.

All the elements are in place a dusty road a small town, hostile receptions and the strength to surmount all obstacles. This woman have courage and determination she never knew she had. It is just that the road is there.

Road movie is searching for Utopia.