Say it loud !

Projet Européen

Dans le cadre d’Horizon 2020 – Erasmus +

Companies in 4 countries are cooperating on Say it Loud!

Each partner is creating a theatre production on the same topic. All share the goal for personal engagement, opportunities for exchange and hence the chance for integration of those migrants involved.
The theatre workers are looking forward to the exchange about differences and similarities, their methods on theatre work and also their approaches towards dealing with mass migration and how those react that are receiving migrants.
“Say it Loud!” is seen as an opportunity for learning from colleagues on methods, experiences, working with very different theatre situations, approaches and the demands put to theatre work. Working conditions and methods of delivery to participants and audiences may be compared. The project is a chance to look over ones horizon by learning from one another.

In this context Compagnie des Mers du Nord performed :
Lola, Bachir, Gretel et Knut – Générations X, Y, Z


Création 2017

The Partners :

KJTheater – Dortmund / Allemagne
Exquorum – Evora /Portugal
Teatermaskinen – Riddarhyttan / Suède
Compagnie des Mers du Nord – Grande-Synthe / France

Le projet s’est étendu de 2015 à 2017 dans chacun des pays partenaires.

Les rencontres collectives :
14 au 18 juin 2018 à Riddarhyttan
du 18 au 22 juin 2016 à Riddarhyttan
10 et 11 septembre 2016 à Grande-Synthe
du 30 janvier au 5 février 2017 à Dortmund

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