Created in 1996 in Dunkirk by Brigitte Mounier, la Compagnie des Mers du Nord is navigating in a contemporary writings repertoire in which the human is colliding with a constraining geographical and geopolitical environment.
26 shows have been created since 1996.
In parallel, in 2004, le « Manifeste, Rassemblement international pour un théâtre motivé » is born in Grande-Synthe, where actors, thinkers, troublemakers and jugglers of utopias, art and mankind are meeting every summer henceforth.
This gathering of performing arts is mounted with a militant and an artistic approach as well and brings together every summer international artists, from all living disciplines, aiming at working with local population.
Besides its missions of creation and broadcasting, the company invests itself in a mission of public education with pedagogical and artistical actions with local communities, the urban area, the Région Hauts de France, educational institutions, local organisations, the University and and the Public Lecture.

La compagnie des Mers du Nord is in residence in Grande-Synthe, France since 2002

The Team

Brigitte Mounier, director
Nicolas Bignan, technical director
Frédérique Delbarre, communication / press
Fabian Foort, graphic design

Artists, technicians, faithful and valuable partner :
Nadège de Kersabiec, Sarah Nouveau, Antonin Chediny, Marie Paule Bonnemasson, Philippe Lafeuille, Emilie Cottam, Jeanne Duval, Jordan Desbuquoit, Alexandre Verkarre, Nicolas Clipet,  Juliette Franc,  Antonia Vitti, Magalie Thévenon, Céline Brunelle, Philippe Potier, Cyril Brisse, Isabelle Carré, Carole Huot, Hervé Degunst, Franck Renaud, Olivier Jacqueline, Oleksandra Turyanska, Sophie François, Cyril Viallon, Kalid Bazi, Jean-Erns Marie-Louise, Layla Nabulsi, François Houart, Sébastien Chollet, Gérard Audax, Fabrice Gaillard, Philippe Pollet, Pascal Sangla,
and the many tireless volunteers.

photo : Jacques Hingrai